Trump: “We Are Victims Of Obama’s War On Christians, So We Can’t Really Deal With The Refugees Now”

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump began his campaign rally Thursday in New Hampshire by taking questions from the crowd. The first questioner called US President Barack Obama a Muslim, accused him of not being an American, and asked Trump when America can get rid of Muslim “training camps” in the US. “We have a problem in this country – it’s called Muslims,” the man said. “We know our current president is one.”

To this, Trump responded, “Right.” The man continued: “You know he’s not even an American – birth certificate, man!” “We need this question, this is the first question,” Trump responded with nervous laughter. “We have training camps growing where they want to kill us,” the man said. “That’s my question. When can we get rid of them?”

Trump responded by saying that “it is going to be a troublesome job for whoever is the next president, not only to deal with the question you asked, but also to right all the wrongs Obama has done during his eight-year term.”

“I can’t really tell you if that’s going to be me, regardless of how much I’d like to. However, you never know what’s going to happen to tomorrow, you just can’t. But I will tell you this, the Muslim issue that we have in the U.S. – and you Sir are right, we do have a Muslim issue – is going to have to wait. Especially since everybody is looking to America to help with the Syrian refugees right now.”

The following question pertained to the refugees: “Do you think America should help those people, even if they’re Muslim and are running from war and death?” Trump quickly said: “I do believe we should do something, yes. However, this is a very difficult time for America and Christians in America. So, as much as I feel for those people, I think we need to fix things here first.”

“What do you mean, ‘this is a difficult time for Christians in America right now?’ What do you mean by that?” the woman continued. The real estate magnate answered: “Well, if I were president instead of Obama, Christians wouldn’t feel like refugees in their own country. I mean, that’s the state of things right now. Christians are being persecuted in America, and our beloved president is behind it. So I don’t think we’re prepared to be taking on more refugees who, at the same time, also happen to be Muslim. I mean, the last thing we need are more mosques being raised on U.S. soil.”

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