Trump: “WikiLeaks Is Okay Because It Never Works Against U.S. Interests”

President Donald Trump held a press conference on Thursday in which he once again boasted about his November election win and attacked the mainstream media for producing “fake news.” But beyond his usual boasting and bashing, the president made several jaw-dropping statements that were surprising even by his standards. In one of them, he said he was fine with WikiLeaks because it never leaked classified information. When asked to resolve the contradiction between his current crusade against leaks purportedly coming from the intelligence community and his past praise of WikiLeaks for its leaking of damaging information on Hillary Clinton, Trump falsely claimed that WikiLeaks doesn’t leak classified information.

“We have to be very clear and precise in this situation,” the president told the gathered representatives of media powerhouses. “We’re talking here about an organization that’s done considerable damage to several world powers. That’s why it has to be acknowledged, whether we like it or not, that they’ve got the power to influence the way things work in the world. Everybody knows they’ve got tons of secrets filed away somewhere, and it’s their choice when they want to disclose information, not to mention the type of information they want it to be. Remember what happened with the whole email server scandal with Crooked Hillary? Who do we have to thank for that? We have WikiLeaks to thank for that, because without them, we probably would have never found out the true extent of her crimes.”

Trump continued, “And I’ll tell you another, hugely important thing about WikiLeaks, something that everybody in this room seems to be blissfully unaware of: for better or worse, WikiLeaks has never disclosed any information that has damaged the reputation or interests of the United States. Period. And you know what? I’ve got news for you: that makes them A-OK in my book. Because, you can have people who keep saying they’re friends of the United States, and countries that keep saying and have been saying they’re our friends and allies, but in all of my adult life as a citizen of this country, I have yet to take note of a country or individual, for that matter, that is willing to keep quiet and not work against U.S. interests, both domestic and foreign ones.”

“And if you’re trying to tell me that WikiLeaks is bad for this country, that it’s bad for the American people, then, with all due respect, you have no idea where you are or what you’re talking about,” the billionaire-turned-president told the press. “As a matter of fact, WikiLeaks has been nothing but a friend of the little guy, of the Average Joe, of real Americans who built this country and who are still the prevailing force in it. And those are the Americans I’m fighting for and those are the people who deserve America to be made great again. Coincidentally, they’re also the folks that have elected me as their president, because they were sick of Democrats’ exploitation and slavery. And I’ll tell you another thing – they were damn right to do so.”

“By the way, while we’re on the subject of Democrats, it’s funny how they seem to be the only ones taking hits from the information released by WikiLeaks. They, who have had eight years to transform this country and make it a better place. Instead, they chose to steal, plunder and fuel the racial divide, and when they got called out for it – nothing happened. It’s almost like if you’re a Democrat in this country, you’re by default labeled a protector of freedom of speech and whatnot, but if you’re a Republican, you’re a racist, bigot, and a redneck. Yet, when top-secret information is leaked, it seems to only damage the purported defenders of civil liberties, a.k.a. Democrats. Not one Republican has been proclaimed guilty of anything as a consequence of the leaks. Funny how that works, huh?” Trump said.

He added, “Make no mistake, my fellow Americans; between you and me, WikiLeaks is for American interests what Crooked Hillary almost became for Saudi Arabians’ – a way to make tons more money without anyone finding out. Ever.”