Tucker Carlson Attacks Bill Nye: “You’re Narrow-Minded Because You’re Denying The Option That There’s No Climate Change”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson almost bit off more than he could chew Monday night when he tried to go head to head with “Science Guy” Bill Nye over climate change. The combative Fox host pressed Nye to explain why people shouldn’t be skeptical about climate change, with the popular science explainer telling Carlson, “Climate change denial is denial.” “The evidence for climate change is overwhelming,” Nye told an open-mouthed Carlson. “So we’re looking for an explanation for why you guys are having so much trouble with this.”

“We’re not having trouble with it at all,” Carlson quipped, and added, “it’s just that YOU guys are going on and on about these supposed dangers of climate change that you’re making it into a conspiracy theory bigger than the one about us never having landed on the Moon. I don’t know if you realize this, but you’re giving so much material to conspiracy theorists that you’ve actually begun shifting the focus of the public from burning questions that have to do with things like national security, foreign policy, terrorism, and even the recent presidential election – all because you won’t shut up about some supposed theory that our way of life is destroying the planet. I’m not a scientist, but somehow I gather that not only has this planet been here long before we came along, but that it will also be here long after we’re gone.”

He angrily continued, “And then you get off by saying we’re incapable of comprehending your big, fancy scientific words and expressions, when in reality, you’ve got the situation completely backwards. You’re the one who’s being narrow-minded about this entire thing, because you’re so caught up in all your calculations and data mining and supposed green house effects that you fail to realize that you’re essentially denying the option that you’re the one who’s in the wrong. You lot have gotten to the point where you’re so convinced you’re right that you’ve managed to neglect the basic rule of empirical research: always question your hypotheses. Admit it – you haven’t done that in a while, have you?” Carlson asked the celebrity scientist.

“Far be it for me to say anything bad about science – especially since it’s the reason we’re able to live such evolved lives today – but riddle me this: if you scientists are so all-knowing and incapable of making mistakes, why is it, then, that the Soviets beat us to launching the first satellite into orbit, as well as sending the first human into space? If you guys are so smart and incredibly accurate in your theories every single time, how come you’ve made so many mistakes? And those are just two examples out of a myriad of scientific failures. ‘But we were the first to land on the Moon,’ you’ll say. Sure – if that’s not another conspiracy theory – but what’s been going on since? Oh, I know – you’ve stopped trying to get us to Mars or Venus and have, instead, started bitching about climate change. That’s a peculiar turn of events, wouldn’t you say?” the host concluded.