Types Of Travel Insurance: Which One Should I Get Before Traveling?

When you are about to travel, it is essential to have suitable travel insurance to enjoy your trip without any inconvenience or worrying about what to do in case of an emergency. Therefore, taking out travel insurance is as vital as booking your flight, accommodation, or type of visa, especially when traveling abroad.

Types of travel insurance, and which ones are the best

Types of travel insurance

This article will help you find some of the most reliable travel insurance companies. Remember that this option can be decisive in having a successful trip. Among some of the best known are:


This is considered the best travel insurance that exists on the market. It is more affordable than others despite covering up to 600,000 Euros of medical assistance.

A benefit of Mondo is that it has a mobile application with a medical chat available 24/7. This means you can resolve any questions without calling a particular number. It also allows you to chat with pediatricians while traveling with children.

Another benefit of Mondo is that if you have an emergency, when you contact the insurance company, Mondo will have already informed you of everything and will take care of the medical expenses in advance.


This is one of the best-known cheap travelers’ insurances since, until a few years ago, it was the only one offering Spanish assistance. Yet, its coverage is not as extensive as others.

However, one of its benefits is that it offers more specialized options for each type of trip and traveler. This includes IATI Escapadas, IATI Básico, IATI Estándar, IATI Mochilero, IATI Estrella, IATI Familia, IATI Grandes Viajeros, IATI Anual Multiviaje, and IATI Estudios.


This is one of the most comprehensive international travel policies. And for this reason, its rates are the highest on the market, but its coverages are not better than other companies.

offers travel insurance

It offers travel insurance and covers COVID-19 tests and treatment. This insurer also offers annual, cancellation, and specific insurances, such as cruises, studies, and groups.


Despite being one of the most popular insurers in various parts of the world, Mapfre does not tend to stand out, particularly with its insurance for international travelers.

It is one of the insurers with the least coverage in case of damage or theft of luggage. But the most shocking thing is that it does not cover in case of COVID-19 contagion or, at least, does not specify it in its policies.

Mapfre does not cover expenses in advance, meaning you will have to pay for everything and then claim reimbursement from the company by presenting the corresponding documentation.


This is another travel insurance company. Their prices are lower than the rest of the market, and their coverage is quite extensive.

One drawback of this type of insurance is that it does not advance payment in case of needing medical assistance. This means that every traveler will have to pay the bills and then claim reimbursement by presenting the corresponding documentation.

This insurance is ideal for people looking for health insurance for travel to work, study abroad, or volunteering.



This insurer is quite popular on the market. However, its coverage is far from being the best. Despite being expensive, it only covers €10,000 in medical assistance.

Like other insurers, this one also does not offer a cash advance service, so the traveler must pay for the expenses and claim them later.

It is not only the insurance that is important, but also your travel documents

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