Expert: For Every Prayer Rug Found on US Border, 10 Million Muslims Have Entered America

YUCCA SPRINGS, Colo. – Last week, a group of “independent American security contractors” patrolling the Mexican border in Arizona found what they believe is a Muslim prayer rug discarded by someone attempting to cross illegally into the United States. The finding alarmed the group, as they reported Breitbart News, but now one of its members, an expert on Islam, is saying that the danger is much greater and more immediate than the patrollers initially believed.

The discovery was made by a group calling itself the American Patriots, Three Percent. The squad reportedly canvases parts of the Mexican border that they believe are neglected by federal authorities.

“This is a big and important find,” said Matthew Leber, the group’s spokesperson and in-house Islam expert. “You might think, ‘it’s just one piece of fabric out in the desert—what’s the big deal?’ I’ll tell you what the big deal is: This rug is a harbinger of terrible, potentially even apocalyptical, things to come.”

Leber explained that lost or discarded prayer rugs can be a “useful tracker of Muslim movements.”

“I’ve crunched the numbers, and I estimate that for every prayer rug we actually find on the border, there have been 10 million Muslims who have already crossed into this country, rugs tucked under their arms, right next to their suicide vests,” Leber said.

“Prayer rugs are more important to Muslims than food and water,” Leber noted. “They would never leave one behind unless they were in a really big hurry–like, for example, if they were late for a terrorist-attack planning session.”

After Breitbart News broke the story of the lost fabric, many other news outlets and blogs repeated it and suggested that it was evidence that Muslim’s are entering the United States across the Mexican border in significant numbers.

Although Gawker seems to have proven that what the men found on the border was not a prayer rug but an Adidas soccer jersey, Leber said that it “doesn’t mean they weren’t using the jersey as prayer rug.”

“They’ll use anything, these Muslims,” Leber explained. “Soccer jerseys, old flags, Christian babies. Really, anything they can get their hands on.”

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