Trudeau Aims To Build A Wall On The U.S. Border And “Force The U.S. To Pay For It If Trump Gets Elected”

Australian comic Adam Hills recently beseeched viewers of his UK talk show The Last Leg to give Canadians a leg up through his “Brickstarter” campaign. “If I was Canada, I’d be worried,” he joked. “They’re going to face an influx of refugees – and they are harder to look after than any other refugees because they need way more food. Plus, Americans don’t speak basic English, they carry more guns and they refuse to assimilate with other cultures. That’s why we here at ‘The Last Leg’ have decided to help Canada build a wall. We would like everyone in the world to pledge a brick to help keep Americans in America. And to do it, we’ve set up a website.”

However, even though Hills aimed at being funny, it would seem that he was actually onto something – something genuine. The charismatic Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – who is currently on an official visit to Washington – stated during an interview on CBS 60 Minutes that contingency plans have been made to make sure the aforementioned wall becomes a reality. “With all due respect to our American counterparts, I don’t see why they’re the only ones who should be allowed to make such decisions,” Prime Minister Trudeau said. “Moreover, if Donald Trump becomes president and builds the walls he said he would, even though I believe that would be the wrong move, I still think every other country in the world has the same right, including Canada.”

He also added, “not to mention that payment for the wall will also be arranged according to Mr. Trump’s original plans. That’s to say that, even though we consider the American people to be our friends, you’re still going to have to pay for every brick that goes into that thing, because that’s the model established by your future president.” Trudeau also said, “Moreover, every country in the world has the right to build such walls, because Americans have been invading and ‘establishing democracies’ all around the planet without anyone saying so much as a word against it. So, those walls should also be paid by America as well.”

“However,” the Canadian Prime Minister added, “there will be some differences between Trump’s wall and ours. Namely, we are not as brutal as the Americans when it comes to a multitude of things, and that will be reflected in our ‘Wall of Compassion,’ as we’ll be calling it. The main difference will be that we’ll allow Americans who are already living in Canada to go back to their native country whenever they feel the urge to do so, because we better than anyone else understand what it’s like to feel the calling of one’s homeland. This especially goes for those who support Mr. Trump, partly because we understand that as well, and partly because we don’t need such people in Canada. So, through-the-wall traffic will be completely unhindered on our part, for Americans at least. Other than that, feel free to refer to Mr. Trump for any other questions you might have, since he’s kind of writing the book on this one.”

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