Recent Poll: US Voters Trust Their Government Completely

In this day and age, it is completely mind-blowing that the population of a country anywhere in the world trusts its government at all, let alone a lot. But, according to a recent poll conducted by Fox News, the great majority of the population, which is to say almost 95%, has no suspicion whatsoever that their government is concealing information from them of any kind, and especially information pertaining to the Ebola outbreak in Africa. Additionally, the results of the poll also suggest that the great majority of people support the motion to ban travel to and from the Ebola-stricken countries, and that’s where things get really interesting.

When it comes to the numbers, over 92% of American voters have full confidence in their elected officials and aren’t in the least suspicious that important information could potentially be hidden from them by their own government.

Dana Blanton of Fox News states that “US voters have a great deal of experience when it comes to the truthfulness of the President and Senate, which is why they are not concerned at all about the fact that an Ebola victim is currently being treated for the deadly virus in a hospital in Dallas, Texas”.

Furthermore, in excess of three-quarters of voters (specifically, 93%) aren’t at all worried about the possibility that the Ebola virus could potentially spread across the country, with more than 80% of them believing firmly that the government possesses all the necessary capacities to deal with a nation-wide epidemic.

For example, when Joshua Atkinson, 35, from Washington D.C. was asked what inspired such confidence in the American government, he replied “well, those guys seem to know what they’re doing, otherwise they wouldn’t be the government. I mean, just look at what happened on 9/11; things could have really gone bad back then”.

Similarly, Janice Rodriguez, 43, from Miami, Florida also has faith in the actions of the government: “I lost both of my sons in Iraq. But, the way I see it, it was a necessary sacrifice in a war against pure evil. I have no regrets and I find solace in knowing that my boys gave their lives for a better world. The government kept no secrets and knew what it was doing then, and it’s doing the same right now. It trust it completely”.

In a time when politics is on shaky foundations, the US government enjoys the total confidence of its people. Then again, the same happened with Kennedy. Go figure.


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