Use The Phone Tracker To Check Your Partner’s Movements

The phone tracker isn’t just for keeping tabs on your kid’s phone activities, but for spouses who suspect their partners are cheating on them and for employers who want to look at what their employees are getting up to.

To spy on the phone of your child, spouse or employer, you will need to download a special spy app onto the phone of the person you want to spy on. That means physically getting hold of the phone for the quick download which doesn’t take longer than 30 seconds.

The operating system of the phone you are targeting must be compatible with the app. The target phone must also be Internet-enabled. Contrary to what most people think, you can’t install the Phone Tracker remotely – it has to be physically installed.

All about the phone tracker app

The app runs in stealth mode

Once you click on Phone Tracker’s free download, you will go to Google Play where you are guided on how to install the app. Phonetracker installs on your Android and runs in stealth mode. You can also add additional phones to your account making use of the same username and password.

Once you download the app, it will soon be ready to get into action. There are some pretty useful features with Phone Tracker and you can select the features you want by going to the dashboard of your account and logging in with your user-name and password.

This phone tracker for Android allows you to record all incoming and outgoing calls and you can view all SMS messages sent and received by the user.

Know where your partner is

An important feature for tracking the whereabouts of your partner is the GPS tracking system. It is possible for you to check on your partner’s location with the use of a phone tracker GPS system. You will be able to see GPS location data from the phone and you will receive data every half hour or so. You can view the information in your Control Panel.

The free download app doesn’t require you to pay any fees for all the features you get and you can access monitoring functions such as call tracking and text messages.

Activities of target person delivered to your phone

The Phone Trackers is useful for every mobile user, being capable of tracking an accurate location of the device. A spy app like this is programmed software designed to check the person’s activity on their mobile phone. You know the position of the device and information on their activities is delivered to your phone.

You need to know that tracking someone else’s phone is generally considered illegal. There are rules governing its usage and you actually have to notify the person using the phone that it is being monitored. If you are discovered spying like that, it can lead to a lawsuit.