Rising Vaccine Prices Force Docs to Tell Kids: Polio Will Make You Stronger

SAN ANTONIO – Vaccine prices continue to rise and more and more doctors are refusing to offer them. “These parents come in crying, telling me ‘Oh, my son needs this, Oh, my daughter needs that,’ ” Dr. Robert Stack told Newslo. “FDR didn’t get vaccinated, and he was president for, like, a thousand years.”

Vaccines are part of Obamacare’s mandatory coverage, and are required for many children to enter public schools. The price increase hits doctors the hardest, as they are often forced to buy vaccines at full cost and insurance companies reimburse them poorly. Many doctors are refusing to carry them at all. One mother told The New York Times that she had to call ten different doctors before she found one that offered vaccinations.

Dr. Stack, a pediatrician who runs his own practice with three other doctors, told Newslo that this was the new normal. “They’re really fucking expensive and no one wants to pay for them. Not the drug companies, not the government, and especially not the parents. So who’s left? Not me, I’ll tell you that.”

Stack’s practice has been vaccine-free for one year now, and though he’s lost a few patients because of the policy, he says he’s not going back. “I’d rather be profitable than give some snot-nosed kid a vaccine he’s never going to need.”

When asked about the effects of going unvaccinated, Stack scoffed. “Like I said, FDR had polio, and he won World War II. You’re going to tell me your kid can’t deal with a little bout of polio? If anything, it’ll make them stronger, build some character, give them some real backbone. So what if they lose two legs to stand on?”