Biden Declares “Mission Accomplished” After Gun Control Task Force Comes Up with an Idea

WASHINGTON — Earlier today Vice President Joe Biden, the head of President Obama’s gun control task force, presented the President with the task force’s official findings- an idea on how to stop gun violence in America. Satisfied, President Obama announced that the gun control task force’s job is done congratulated Biden on a job well done.

“The American people asked us in Washington to do something about gun violence, and we have,” said the President. “While I can’t recall specifically what the idea is, it is a really good one. I can say with confidence that the American people don’t have to worry about gun violence anymore.”

No one outside of the President and the gun control task force knows what the idea is, and there are no immediate plans to do anything further, though some have speculated that the task force’s idea may be to create a new gun control task force with a slightly different name.

After weeks of talking about gun control and minutes of actual work, Biden feels confident that he has ended gun violence in America.

“We worked quite a bit on coming up with this idea,” said a grinning Biden. “It’s not every day you get an idea like the one we gave the President. But when people come together with a common goal, they can usually come up with an idea. And we did. Mission accomplished.”