Virginia GOPer Bill To Force Teachers To Out LGBT Kids To Parents “So They Can Spank Them Back To Normality”

A Republican member of the Virginia House of Delegates has proposed a bill that – if ratified – would force teachers to “out” closeted LGBTQ students to their parents. According to the Washington Blade, GOP Del. Bob Marshall has proposed a law that is very similar to North Carolinas disastrous H.B. 2, which forbade trans North Carolinians from using the restroom of their expressed gender. But, included in Marshall’s bill is an “outlier” parental notification clause, said Cathryn Oakley of the Human Rights Campaign to the Blade. Under Virginia’s H.B. 1612, educators and other child welfare personnel would be compelled by law to tell parents that their child could be lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual or questioning.

Asked to comment on his questionable bill, Marshall told the Blade that “we wouldn’t even be in this mess if parents had been spanking their children more in the past.” “I have fought long and hard to try to understand all these changes that are going on in American society today,” he said. “And after years of investing time and brain cells into attempting to comprehend and, above all, justify these new, so-called directions in which our society has been branching out, I have to admit that I’ve failed miserably. I see no meaning, no point, no justification whatsoever in letting children do whatever they want, be it engage in drugs, alcohol, premature sexual relations, and certainly not in declaring themselves gay, lesbian, transgender or any other sick name they’ll so creatively coin from the English language.”

“And what pains me the most,” he continued, “is that I can’t shake the feeling that all of it could have been prevented, all of it could have been stopped way back when this country was really a unique combination of conservatism and progress. We pushed our kids to be better in school, in college, and in their jobs, but we never talked about their feelings and whatnot. And that’s the sole purpose of my bill – to strike at the very core of the widespread problem, to nip it in the bud. Because, given that everybody is mostly doing very demanding jobs with long hours, they don’t get to spend as much time with their children as they’d like to. Coincidentally, that also means that it’s the teachers and other child welfare personnel that have temporarily taken up the role of the children’s caretakers, at least while they’re at school.”

Marshall also argued, “Luckily, I’ve realized that it is the teachers who are most privy to children’s behavior and that they’re the ones who are in an ideal position to spot the early signs of strange behavior in them. For example, if a boy tends to overly enjoy physical contact with his male friends, that might be cause for an alarm. Or, if a female student tends to avoid contact and spending time with her male friends and focuses exclusively on building friendly relationships with other female students. There are many ways a teacher can spot these signs early on, at which point my bill predicts that they would be legally required to notify that child’s parents, and let them know that there is a possibility their child is a closeted gay, lesbian or transgender…whatever, you know what I mean.”

“And at that point, once the parents have been notified, they would be expected to take action to prevent their child from ever following that path again. And if spanking them back to normality is what they would need to resort to in order to make that happen, then that’s the parents’ prerogative. They’re the ones who gave life to their child and they’re the ones who have the right to take it away – if it should come to that at all. The reason why we’re today overrun by degenerates like gays and lesbians in this country is the fact that many of them were not spanked as children – they were not taught that what they felt was wrong. And the only way to remedy that is to re-introduce spanking for the sake of normality as a staple of raising children the American way,” Marshall concluded.