Robertson: “I Asked Zuckerberg For A ‘Vomit Button’ For Religious Duty Against Gays”

A Vomit button for photos of gays – that’s what televangelist Pat Robertson now wants to see on Facebook. His statement, made recently on his popular television program The 700 Club, is just the latest in his decades-long anti-gay tirade, and should come as no shock from the man who thinks wife beating should be legal and who thinks a man can divorce his wife if she gets too sick.

“You gotta keep up with the times,” Robertson told his viewers. “I’ve been warning about the dangers of homosexualism for thirty-something years, and although I’ve helped many, it’s still not enough. It won’t be enough until we’ve completely rid ourselves of all gay people. And since the world of today is all about technology and social networks, it seemed logical to try to make it work with the biggest one out there.”

Robertson said, “I came up to Mr. Zuckerberg at a recent fundraiser and asked him if it would be possible to incorporate a ‘Vomit Button’ under every picture on Facebook that features any kind of homosexual activity, posture, or action. I felt it was necessary to be direct, since it’s known that Mr. Zuckerberg is not a man who likes to waste time, despite his casual appearance. He said he’d think about it, although his wife was giving me the stink eye throughout the conversation.”

He continued, “Because, let’s face it – the Internet is where our children are most in danger from being influenced by gay people. And I don’t just mean pornography. Social networks play a huge role in making our kids believe it’s okay to be gay and have gay friends. But what they don’t understand is that that’s their way of crawling under your skin, making you start to care about them, and ultimately, approve of how they’re trying to destroy our country.”

“And if we were to have that button, those of us who still uphold traditional values could express our disgust at what’s being done to all of us. I mean, I don’t care how confident or sure of yourself you are – if you see a couple hundred ‘Vomits’ on a picture of you sucking faces with another guy, you’ll start to wonder. And then it might finally hit you that people don’t have a problem with gay people per se – it’s what you’re doing in public that bothers us,” the televangelist argued.

“So, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that it’s our religious duty to vomit on gays whenever we can. And until Facebook introduces the vomit button, I suggest we start doing it for real. It’d be a good way of combining two useful things – publically displaying our dissatisfaction with gays and helping to treat bulimic people. I mean, if they’re going to throw up all day long, they might as well do it for a noble cause, right?” Robertson concluded in his own unique style.