Walker: “Replacing A Black Disaster With A White One With A Smaller Brain Doesn’t Change Anything”

One of the strangest things about Republicans campaigning this year is that they keep talking about President Barack Obama like he’s another Jimmy Carter or second-term George W. Bush. In reality, Obama has an approval rating now that’s above 52%, which is fairly strong for a president in his final year of office. Nonetheless, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker decided that linking Obama to Hillary Clinton was the ultimate closing argument for this year’s presidential race, as he posted a tweet on Tuesday morning warning people that “if you like the past eight years, vote for Hillary Clinton.”

Asked to comment on his tweet, Walker went on another typical Republican rant about how the Democratic Party is up to no good and is deceiving Americans yet again. “I for one am not the type of person who likes to repeat himself, although I’ve done just that countless times over the past several months,” he told The Wisconsin Daily. “And I just don’t get how and why people can’t see through the Democrats’ smoke screen and these games they keep playing with the, sadly, gullible American people.”

“And to prove my point, here’s an example: if you take a storm, let’s say we’re talking about a hurricane – Hurricane Matthew for example – and you don’t like a particular thing about it. Right, and then you decide to you want to change it into something else, you want to stop it from wreaking havoc on your territory and your area. And then someone offers you the opportunity to get rid of Matthew and go with Katrina instead. Would you take it? You could, but you’d end up on the receiving end of tremendous devastation nonetheless. That’s exactly the kind of sneaky swap the Democrats have planned for this election,” Walker opined.

He added, “Right now, the situation in America is such that we, unfortunately, have a black disaster wreaking havoc on every aspect of our great nation, from the economy and foreign policy to immigration and civil violence. And guess what? Just like in my aforementioned example – that’s not going to change if you simply take that black disaster and swap it for a white one that has an even smaller brain than the one you’re trying to get rid of in the first place. It just doesn’t work that way. What’s more, there’s this convenient definition of madness that defines it as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

“If you apply that to our situation here, it becomes painfully clear that we can just keep switching between different Democratic candidates and presidents and expect things to magically get better,” Walker said. “What we need is a more radical change; the kind of radical change only a Republican candidate can ensure. And I know these past few months we’ve all heard a plethora of adjectives and character traits attributed to Donald Trump by countless entities, but if there’s one thing that’s always been true about him – he’s as radical as they come. So, I say, what the heck, let’s give him a chance. He can’t possibly do any worse than what the Democrats have been doing so far,” the Wisconsin Governor concluded.