West Calls To Stop ‘Hispanization’ Of U.S.: “We’re Already Suffering From The Africanization Of Presidency”

Conservative columnist Diana West appeared on Frank Gaffney’s “Secure Freedom Radio” program recently, and warned that the U.S. is “deep into the same exact transition” as Europe and “Americans are being replaced also and American culture is being absolutely taken over in similar ways,” not only by relatively small numbers of refugees, whom she called “non-assimilable,” but by the “Hispanization” of U.S. culture through immigrants from Latin America. “This would be an effort that we are watching, my father used to use the phrase, the United States becoming the northern tip of South America,” she said.

However, West then brought forth a theory as to “why the Hispanization of America mustn’t take place, and it’s not for the reasons everybody assumes.” “When you look at the demographic, black people are going to say that they are the minority, Latin people are going to say that it’s them, Asian people are not going to stay silent either, and then you also have a ton of other nations that comprise America today. And that’s fine and I don’t have a problem with that. Why? Because white people are the majority, or at least we were up until now.”

“But, now the situation is changing, and don’t get me wrong, that’s supposed to be the natural way of things,” she continued. “I mean, people migrate, they’re in pursuit of a better life, and we’re living in the best country in the world, so it’s kind of understandable. But what I don’t find understandable at all is these constant attempt to Africanize our presidency, to try to have a number of black Presidents of the United States, all wrapped into the so-called ‘cry for racial equality,’ and with a pretty little red bow on top. That’s a present not worthy of white people, and excuse me for saying it, but I don’t want my next President to be anything but white. I’m still trying to recover from what Obama did.”

West also said, “And let me be clear: I have nothing against Latin people or black people or any other race, for that matter, as long as they equal to us. However, I do mind when other races are trying to put their members on pedestals, so they could rule white people, but at the same time are sugar-coating it by saying that that’s an example of equality. Not it’s not, because black people can’t handle power and are bad for our way of life. Latin people are no better, except for the fact that they’re naturally gifted for manual labor, which is why they’re allowed to stay here in such numbers. So, we don’t need and we don’t want Hispanization, Africanization or Syria-zation or whatever you want to call it, in our country. We should be Americanizing the world, not the other way around.”

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