What Can a Social Media Manager Do for Your Business?

Social media is an important part of doing business in today’s world. Statistics show that over 50 million small businesses use Facebook to reach new customers. Most businesses are also paying for social media, either through hiring someone to run their marketing or through social media ads.

If you want to successfully use social media to grow your business, then you may benefit from a social media manager.

What does a social media manager do? A social media manager runs campaigns and day-to-day activities to ensure that the brand’s social media pages are at least consistent above all else.

Could you benefit from hiring a social media manager? Here’s what you need to know about social media building partnership.

What Does a Social Media Manager Do?

It’s common to see social media managers as people who hang out on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube all day. While that’s true, it’s also an oversimplification of both their role and their value for small businesses.

Social media managers are the public-facing presence on each platform. They create content and post it, but they also respond to comments and shape your engagement.

A good manager will complete their work according to your business’s goals. So if you’re goal is to improve brand awareness or grow your online sales, then your social media manager will use appropriate strategies.

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What Does a Social Media Manager Offer Your Business?

For many small businesses, it seems simpler to use social media on your own. After all, who knows your brand and customers better than you do?

What many don’t realize is that a social media account manager can improve your whole online experience. When your goal is to run your business, you don’t necessarily have time to create a calendar, schedule the posts, write content, and monitor everything that’s happening on your page (and those of your competitors).

Social media management is a full-time job, and it’s very hard to fit it into an already busy schedule. Something has to give, and it’s usually Facebook.

Hiring someone to help can ensure you achieve long-term success through consistency and strategy.

For example, 80% of customers who post on a business’s page expect a response within 24 hours. You may not always have the time or energy to respond, but a social media manager will. Additionally, they are not the business owner, which gives them the distance they need to calmly respond to negative comments or complaints.

A Good Social Media Manager is Your Secret Weapon

What does a social media manager do? As it turns out, they do so much more than scroll through Instagram all day. They make sure your business has the best experience possible online. From strategy to execution to analysis, they manage your digital relationships and build your customer base.

If you’re going to use social media, it’s important to do it consistently and with a strategy.

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