What is a Workday Financials Consultant?

Workday is increasingly the go-to solution for organizations big and small due in part to its nimble, customizable, and user-friendly interface, plus its continuous product enhancements and technological innovations. But to get the greatest return on your time and investment, you need a consultant to help you. What is a Workday financials consultant, you ask? Read on for that and more.

What is Workday Financials?

Let’s start there. The popular cloud-based solution that is Workday Financial Management is crafted to get businesses the insight and agility they need, particularly in this topsy-turvy business environment. It provides enterprises with core financial management capabilities, and beyond that, offers improved financial consolidation, a reduced time to close, auditability, and consistency across worldwide operations.

What is a Workday Financials Consultant?

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While Workday does offer users an intuitive interface that makes for easy app navigation with minimal training, you do need assistance to optimize your sophisticated solution. After all, even if you have an MBA or other bona fides, you wouldn’t start a business on your own without seeking guidance from someone who’s been in your startup shoes. Would you?

In any case, Workday financials consultants support clients in their implementation of Workday financial software. They help these organizations fold the system into their accounting process or see them through a project. In turn, this helps clients with planning and reporting, and with improved security.

How are Workday Financials Consultants Qualified?

Such Workday financials consultants have a BA in accounting, finance, or similar field. While a master’s degree is preferred, sufficient experience can override that. What kind of experience? Well, other than with Workday software, you need to have worked with business processes. You also need experience as a consultant or have some certification. In addition, Workday Financials consultants must be able to handle multiple client projects simultaneously, be excellent communicators, be big on customer service, and have advanced computer knowledge.

Why is a Workday Financials Consultant Needed?

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At first, clients may not see that they need assistance. Soon, though, they learn that Workday management should not be done by themselves. From launch to configuration, you need to go beyond your IT staff to handle all the processes and systems that require integration.

What’s more, recurring system updates necessitate experts with the know-how to handle them, unless you want time-sucking glitches. The bottom line is that for a better ROI, faster implementation, and advanced Workday innovation, you need a Workday financials consultant. We suggest the consultant Mercer.

What is Workday’s Partner Network?

Located around the world, these partners are hand-picked for their expertise and experience with Workday products, enabling efficient Workday deployment as well as the ongoing adoption of new capabilities. Further, they handle systems integration.

What Should I Look for in a Workday Partner?

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Such qualifications typically mean:

  • The ability to assimilate periodic system updates
  • Vast technical knowledge and deep functional and domain expertise
  • An extensive track record and partnership with Workday
  • The capability to simultaneously integrate processes changes, practices, personnel, organization, and technology.
  • A team that has a solid change management plan that’s built into the Workday implementation plan
  • A partner who can put in place a structured governance system

Now that you know what a Workday financials consultant or partner is, what they do, and why you need one, you’ll undoubtedly line a team up to help you with deployment and beyond. Don’t squander your time or money without getting the return on investment that’s coming to you. We think it’s a no-brainer to go with Mercer, which we’ve found to have the best combo of experience and expertise.

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