White House Source Denies Conway Banned From Appearing On TV: “She’ll Be Back As Soon As She’s Mentally Healthy Again”

A source told CNN on Wednesday that Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway had been yanked from doing TV shows by the White House after a string of disastrous appearances severely damaged her credibility. Although Conway had made several statements that caused the White House headaches – including her embrace of what she described as “alternative facts” and her on-air plug for First Daughter Ivanka Trump’s clothing line – the final straw apparently came when Conway said that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had the “full confidence” of President Donald Trump just hours before he was fired.

However, in an unexpected turn of events, another source – one that claims to be “close to” the White House – revealed in an interview with Internet portal KnowMyRepublican.com that Conway’s return to television is expected “very soon.” The source, who requested anonymity, said, “First of all, we have to be realistic. Such a reaction from the White House was expected and completely understandable. Anyone in their right mind would have made the same decision, especially if you have someone who doesn’t know when to keep quiet and when to speak like a diplomat. It’s been long known that politics is a discipline in which nothing is ever pronounced clearly and directly.”

“That being said,” it continued, “it should also be emphasized that a person such as Kellyanne Conway should not be held accountable for anything she says. As a matter of fact, while we’re on the subject, no Republican should be held accountable, at least not these days. Therefore, while it might be true that President Trump’s adviser was temporarily given time to recuperate and get her act together, her absence is not final, not by a long shot. She will be back as soon as she feels up to it, because of one simple reason. She has the rare ability to actually believe everything that comes out of her mouth, which makes her an exceptional saleswoman in terms of swaying audiences this or that way. And you always need the audience on your side.”

Asked to further elaborate on what that means specifically, the source said that Conway has been sent on a temporary mini-vacation. “To my knowledge, she’s been flown out to Hawaii to recover from the stress. She’s overworked, due to the fact that she’s been active throughout Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, and hasn’t taken a day off since first starting on the campaign trail. There’s that, and then there’s also the fact that all Republicans tend to be a little out there every once in a while, which is, again, completely understandable.”

“She just needed a break, simply put. She just needed a break, but she hasn’t been fired or anything like that. She’s taken some time off, nobody knows how long that will be, but as soon as she’s mentally healthy again, she’ll pick up where she’s left off. All that’s needed is for her to be able to form a sentence in which she won’t be off-message, or create drama for the White House. And although that sounds fairly simple, it’s very difficult for her, because of everything aforementioned. When or if her mental health is back to normal, she’ll get back in the saddle and continue decimating Democrats and non-believers,” the source concluded.