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White Supremacist Lynches Himself after Learning of His Black Ancestry

STAMFORD, Conn. – After white supremacist Craig Cobb learned that he was 14% black while in front of a live studio audience for the Trisha Goddard Show, he decided to “end the humiliation” by lynching himself, according to members in attendance.

“I didn’t expect that,” said audience member Jon Baker. “Being here I figured we’d be treated to some wacky, Maury Povich-type stuff. But a real-life, up-close hanging? That’s straight out of a Tarantino flick.”

Cobb at first denied the DNA test results linking him to a Sub-Saharan ancestry, referring to the findings as statistical noise. “Wait a minute, wait a minute, hold on, just wait a minute,” said a frantic Cobb. “Do I look black to you?”

But as host Trisha Goddard moved to fist-bump Cobb while exclaiming “Bro!” Cobb reportedly said that he “could feel the blackness suddenly and uncontrollably creeping up inside of [him],” precipitating a fist-bump reciprocation.

“At that moment he realized it was true,” said Baker. “He was undeniably black. But instead of embracing his heritage, he ran from it. I guess it’s all he knew how to do.”

By this point, NBC had already cut to commercial, providing Baker and fellow audience members with an exclusive, front-row seat to the spectacle that was about to ensue—one that no one attempted to stop.

“He’s a white supremacist, which is pretty much the lowest form of humanity,” continued Baker.
“So we kind of just sat there and let him do his thing. First he created a noose from his shirt and then he stepped on to the chair. Then, well – I don’t think I need to explain the rest.”

Not even members of the white enclave that Cobb helped form in Leith, N.D. felt sympathy for their deceased white supremacist leader.

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  1. Theresa King , God say’s to love all mankind, not ever does He say sort by color, in fact He is very descriptive as to what will happen to people who hate, and it is not pretty. Practice those ways and suffer those plaques. You should get a Holy Bible and read it, God is the way to the Truth and the light and to Heaven. And Satan and hate is the only way to HELL, its plain and simple. Even as an example, God is the only judge, we as people have to love the sinner hate the sin, so we are not to hate the homosexual, we are to love them, we don’t agree with their life style, but we don’t condemn them not our job that is between them and God. We are to have love and compassion for all mankind, no matter color, faith or back ground, no matter where they come from, God say’s love the alien. We are to look out for one another, feed clothe and shelter when needed no matter who they are or where they come from. Remember we are always tested, there is a saying, be careful how you conduct yourself and how you speak to some one, you never know when you are speaking to an Angle. Could be a test. Not a test I’d wanna fail that is for sure. Good luck to you. I will pray for you, for guidance for God to open your heart In Jesus Name and all God’s children say Amen.

  2. I’ve read as many of the comments here as I can endure. Will no one take the high road here? Theresa King you have posted some of the most vile filth I’ve ever read in a public forum. I feel sorry for you. Yours must be a wretched existence. In a world so full of beauty you choose to wallow in ugliness and hate. I know better than to try to change your mind. It would take the pity of God to do that. Suffice to say that if you remain on your current trajectory heaven is very unlikely to be where you end up. I don’t know what is sadder here, That a man was raised to believe in racial superiority and preferred to die when he found out that like the rest of humanity he had ties to Africa, or that rather than set a good example in the way we live by sending love and compassion out in to the world, so many prefer to pour gasoline on this hateful fire at the core of this whole problem. Lord have mercy.

  3. It’s 2014 who gives a fuck about some racist trash any color….I don’t care if he did it or not this shit just need to end…it’s somebody in a white black Asian Mexican ect family that is mixed and the shit been going on for ages….and it’s going to continue….so I just say to those who don’t like another skin color go dig a fuckin grave and die….

  4. Ms. King is a racist who can not even spell. It’s two ‘g’s” in the “n” word. You’re about one of the funniest racist I ever heard of. Bet you it runs in the family…..Now to the serious matter at hand. it really makes me laugh at these ignorant white folk don’t even know their own history and it goes back further than slavery. Most white folk, the racist ones especially, don’t know that interracial relations have been going on for centuries. When slavery started here, the white man continued to make love/rape the women that satisfied them more than their white wives, the African women. By doing this he planted seeds in the African women. Thus producing kids of mixed origins. Kids that at times the master would ignore. Long story short. All these so called racist, especially from the south, need to get a DNA test to see how white they really are. Like I tell everyone now. There are more African-American and inter-racially mixed people in this country than there are white people…do your research…why do you think white women are mixing with these young black brothers today. they are trying to keep their heritage going……do your research. I have noticed a lot of mixed children lately and it’s amazing. Especially in the south of all places.

    In conclusion, all you white people who have black blood in them. Don’t hate us so quickly. One day you may need a blood transfusion and it might be us. Not your white relative that has the matching blood that will save you. Didn’t you ever think that your love for fried chicken, watermelon, spare ribs and such came from us and not your white family. After all we started all that picnic stuff when you bought us here….lol

  5. I was a witness to 911, I saw people from all races helping each other. I didn’t see any hatred towards one another that day, only brotherhood, sisterhood and love. The world is falling apart and so is America.
    One day when we all have our backs to the wall for whatever reason, then we will realize how we wasted
    time dealing with each other like animals. Wake up Americans.

  6. sat·ire
    noun ˈsa-ˌtī(-ə)r

    : a way of using humor to show that someone or something is foolish, weak, bad, etc. : humor that shows the weaknesses or bad qualities of a person, government, society, etc.

    : a book, movie, etc., that uses satire
    Full Definition of SATIRE
    : a literary work holding up human vices and follies to ridicule or scorn
    : trenchant wit, irony, or sarcasm used to expose and discredit vice or folly

  7. Most people who are jumping on the bandwagon against this man are cowards.
    There is nothing brave about condemning “white supremacists”.
    They have no power, and maligning them is not only permitted – it is actively encouraged.
    If I were to ask any of you to help me find a drug dealer or arms dealer, how many of you would help out?

  8. Karma, bad karma, positive vibes-negative vibes…what is so ironic the person who plied the loudest concerning the racial difference was himself (in his own eyes-mind) the very person(s) he so loathed. What our country needs now more than ever is to understand that at the core – we are not Mexican-Americans, White-Americans, Native-Americans, Japanese-Americans…the lists continues always with that dash. It is time that we remove the word before American and that dash and just become Americans! As a United States we stand strong, as a divided union we show ourselves to be a narrow target in this huge nation already a target for would be thugs and terrorists. We must as a nation lay down our petty differences, make peace with our fellow citizens despite their sexuality, religion, odd behaviors or economic status. If ever there has been a time for a rebellion, where people – the common citizens – took to protest to say enough is enough not just from one party, or two party but every political party representing voters in D.C. While I have been a loud proponent of President Obama, we must be reminded his progress is tied to the limits that the two houses of law makers send to his desk seeking each bill to become law. Proudly a man who doesn’t stand for something will fall for anything!

  9. Yes @byron lindsay and Tamara gozan…I’m pretty sure national car rental wouldn’t want to learn that one of their employees is a bigot…like I said everyone should screen shot all of her ignorant comments and send them to her employer…no violence or unnecessary arguing or swearing needed…that’ll hurt more than anything…she just wants to piss u all off but I’m actually laughing…so funny…so funny it makes me want to read a book…-__- anyways, just ignore and report…hey it’s not our fault u hate blacks and ur so miserable with urself…also if ur gonna be on a social network throwing out just “whatever” u want u shouldn’t let everyone see where you work at…!!!! #bangbang !! LOL #done

  10. Some white people are just plain idiots.. Black people are dark because of what is required of our skin to endure extreme sunlight.. We are all the same, only 16 blood types separate humans.. Nothing else. If your white and is AB postitive and another black person has AB positive blood type.. Well guess what, their organs will work together. We all have the same shit. So to you dumbass white people that are just to damn stupid to even understand the science.. You need to fucking kill yourselves anyway, we don’t need your hatred here.. And really who gives a fuck if your black or white? What purpose does it have? NONE what so ever.. get a clue, life, or knife and accept that we all came from AFRICA..

  11. People there is no such thing as a pure race of people anymore. People from all over the world intermingle with other people from all over the world. If you are white in this country, you have black in you and if you are blace in this country, you have white in you. It all goes back to slavery, so get over it and move on. It starts at home, stop teaching your children about hate, teach them about love because noboby is going anywhere; we are all where together.

  12. This saddens me. I will mourn his loss if no one else does. His beliefs sicken me, but the lack of humanity each and every other person has shown in deference to the loss of a human life is worse. No one should be made to feel so humiliated, hopeless, and in the end unloved. His life was not meaningless because of his personal belief. He was a person, and to hate him for his belief enough to watch him commit suicide, or rejoice in his death is just as disturbing and supremacist as his belief.

  13. Hilarious! Even more so for the fact that it’s totally true and not satire at all, you guys! By the way, completely unrelated note, somebody told me I was gullible the other day, and I’ve been trying to figure out what that means. I’ve tried Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, even Bing, and none of them have any answers for me. Anyone have any clue? Please post the definition here if you can find it. Thanks!

  14. Yeah. This guy is so dumb that he probably couldn’t even tell if he was reading a satirical article. Let us all bask in the hope that more white supremacists will hang themselves, all the while giving them satirical articles and letting them think it’s real. It’ll be fun because we’ll be able to see how simple they are when they believe everything they see or hear…

  15. Most of you humans are sad. To sit here and publicly celebrate a man’s death on an open forum doesn’t say much about your character either. He’s a racist that found out he was 14% black, so what? That is not a news breaking topic. We ALL are mixed with another race/ethnicity so none of us are pure. What you deny in public, you can never deny in private. How many more of you are willing to be brave enough to find out what your ancestry includes? I know for a fact, I have several different races running through my veins and I am proud of all of them, including Caucasian, Japanese, and Black. What race do i identify myself with? Even though it doesn’t matter, I identify with black because my parents look black, I was raised in a black community, most of my friends are black and I have very distinct African American features. To Theresa King, I will pray to God for you because it is obvious that your ignorance supersedes the potential you may have of actually being an intelligent person. You, yourself Theresa are not 100% white and if you think you are, you truly need to be in the Guinness Book of World Records. It’s people like you that make the world a harder place to live in. To my black brothers and sisters who are stooping to the same level as the rest of the racist on here by calling white people crackers and other names that you think demeans them makes you no better than the racist white people that hate blacks or any other race. If you knew the true meaning of “cracker” and where it derived from, you wouldn’t be so quick to use that word as a way of demeaning white people. In actually, you are doing the exact opposite of your intent, so how about we all treat each other as HUMAN, instead of a color/race/ethnicity? I know that on a global level, we can change the world if we would be strong enough to set aside our menial differences but some of you are so instilled with a learned behavior called HATE, that you are not willing to change for anyone, including yourself and/or your children. HATE is taught people, it is not something you are born with so for those that continue or seek to poison the minds of others with this nonsense, I pity you and I will pray for you.

    Finally, for those people that keep telling blacks to move on, slavery happened years ago, etc. so what? No one is EVER supposed to forget his/her history, it’s a part of who they are. Why should we dismiss what actually happened to our ancestors? Do we tell the JEWS to forget about the Holocaust? Do we tell Americans to forget about what happened during 9-11? Do we tell our elderly veterans who proudly served in World War I and World War II to forget what happened? No, so why would you tell black people to forget about what happened to our ancestors regarding slavery. It doesn’t matter if blacks were sold to other blacks. They (blacks) were brainwashed to do that to their own, did you also read about that as well or are you picking certain parts of history regarding slavery to make your case more plausible? If you are going to give us a history lesson, tell it all. Not just parts of it to try to discredit blacks, and credit white for setting us free. Black would have been free eventually anyway, even if they had to kill and die for it, which my ancestors did. WE can forgive, but we will never FORGET. That is our motivation to do better, for the ones who truly want to do better. Yes, I am saying “we” and “our” because like i said earlier, I identify myself as Black, generally. Technically, I am HUMAN.

    For the ones that continue to pull the race card at every given moment, I challenge you to take a look at yourselves in the mirror and search deep inside and uncover your imperfections and your lack of accountability for your actions and vow to change whatever it is wrong that you can change. All BLACKS don’t rob, kills, steal and commit other heinous crimes. All WHITES don’t hate or dislike BLACKS just because their black. All JEWS don’t dislike BLACKS. even though statistically we are the most hated race on the planet, I truly believe that LOVE conquers all and if we give love to those that hate us, then we have done the right thing in the eyes of the LORD and he will bless us accordingly. I don’t see how people that believe in and love God, someone they have never seen, hate their fellow man, who they come in contact with every day. If you truly love God, then learn to love your fellow man, because God is LOVE. You can’t possibly love God, and HATE your neighbor. Read your Bible people. Even though no man knows the day or hour that God will come back and claim his people and rid this world of all the evils, the world is coming to an end sooner than you think, so get your hearts and minds in order. God bless everyone. 🙂

  16. All chimpanzeegraftedcavealien crackkkas knows that part of thier ancestry is black human race and the next part is the animal ape race or species. The problem is wen they find out that u an i know of this. I think wat dis ape clown de to him self was a beautiful thing ridding this world of his pollution. It is not his crackkka apealien supremacy dat is the pollution its always been his kinds action behind their supremacy belief. I know the black race is 100% superior to de chimpanzee alien cavecrakkka race in every way but i dnt go around disrespecting earths inferiors and trying to hinder their self determination. A real superior as we blacks r need not behave in such a uncivilized way. No we allow the inferiors to show their inferiority everyday and self distruct.

  17. You people should be ashamed of yourselves! You are all spouting off how we are all family well one of our family members just died. Just because someone doesn’t agree with what you believe doesn’t give you the right to wish them dead or to rejoice over their death. I don’t like purple. Are you going to kill me because you do?

  18. Wowwww.. I cnt believe he did that.. I memba watchin The Tasha show with him on there talkin cash money crap bout HIS PPL..kmsl.. But i would hve neva thought he woulda killd himself tho.. But thats one thing boutUS BLK FOLKS we WILL forgive u and ACCEPT u anyways and wk on ah furture.. But its sumthang bout that PRIDE that gets to everybody.. Owell (shurgs shoulders) RIP FAM..lol #2Tickled

  19. Has everyone lost their minds? This is satire. So much hatred. Do you not know that hating someone only eats you up inside? Hatred hurts you not the people you hate. It causes disease to fester in you. And it shows that you are full of fear and hate yourself more than anything. You will find that loving others gives you peace and joy.

  20. Ha the Theresa King lady isblack her bloodline probably is the same as MLK…illll….and she doesn’t want to be black…but u are tanning the hell out of your skin step away from the tanning ya looking orange …ha!…and if u decide to nigger me I’m letting it n ounce off me onto u…..Lawd forgive her for she clearly not know

  21. Thank you for all the comments, I love each and every one of you as well, I pray for all of you, for peace, and blessings. I have seen the comments about it being hard to love everyone, and this it what my thoughts are on that I hope it will help, We don’t always know what someone is going through, we don’t always know what goes on behind closed doors. Their trials are very different than ours, and everyone deals with matters differently. We have no way of knowing what they’re going through on a daily basis. We have not walked a mile in their shoe’s. We were not created to Judge, that job is God’s and God’s alone. We can not judge someone because they choose to sin differently than us, we all sin, we are sinners saved by Grace, No one is perfect. There is no sin greater than the other, the Bible say’s sin is sin. That we are to love the sinner hate the sin. Let he with out sin cast the first stone. We can change this world one person at a time, be the movement wear the shirt. Put the love on and let God’s Glory shine in all that we do, In all that we say, It can’t just be in the church on a Sunday, It should be every where, To everyone, There was a Pastor who was new to a church and they hadn’t met him yet, and he tested them, he dressed up like a homeless person, and went into the church, to see their reaction, he was not received very well by the people and they were very surprised when the Pastor was called up to the front to meet everyone and the people still tried to stop him from going up, until they realized that he was the Pastor, Boy oh boy did they get a lesson. No one is supposed to be turned away from a church, we are to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, shelter them, All they tried to do was push him out. Life is hard of everyone, no one has the corner market on that, We as believers, have Faith and know that God will provide. We worry not, We fear not for the Bible tells us so. The none believer have great fear and worry and stress. We can pray as one for our Governments, for each other, for all of our neighbors, for our enemies, our family and friends. always give thanks even when we find it hard to give thanks. JESUS LOVE’S YOU, AND I LOVE YOU TOO. GOD BLESS

  22. Did no one bother to click the “Show Facts” button?! This is a satirical site that uses real news articles so some of what’s shown here is fact, but the guy didn’t hang himself. On this site’s “About Us” page, they’re very honest about who they are and what they do, yet I hardly see any comments calling out this source as satirical, and I don’t think anyone even bothered with the “Check Facts” button…

  23. It’s a sad thing that no one even thought of giving him a helping hand…. I mean not even the audience
    cared enough to help someone so self loathing & dark in his most profound moment of ignorance to have reached out a hand to stop him. To be honest I don’t even think I could have either, I’m sickened to say. Afterall, we are all spiritual brothers and sisters to each other. Love, Ish

  24. if nothing else you have to admire his unwavering commitment to stand by his convictions. what show was that and are they planning group show in the near future i can build a multiple noose gallows that would resemble an infants crib mobile. or even the first bigots wheel of misfortune where the audience wins a prize when they spin the cadaver wheel. bob barker move over. lol too funny

  25. if nothing else you have to admire his unwavering commitment to stand by his convictions. what show was that and are they planning group show in the near future i can build a multiple noose gallows that would resemble an infants crib mobile. or even the first bigots wheel of misfortune where the audience wins a prize when they spin the cadaver wheel. bob barker move over. lol too funny

  26. Would This Be Considered Black On Black Crime…..
    This is a sure fire way to get rid of white supremacy if his brethren followed suit; seeing that every white persons has some black in them this is especially true when its a fact that the origin of man is Africa….

  27. Being the darker shade is not insulting, it’s beautiful, just as is every shade created under God! For one to look at any one’s color and instead of seeing a person, what is seen is hate, you have lost the very essence of your own existence. We were all created to be humans beyond all else, embracing that empowers us all!!!

  28. allow me to start by saying i am not a racist! I am in the army and have served beside black guys that I call my firend and brother… I have had their back and I know they have had mine in some pretty hairy situations, I owe my life to a black guy… but I cant help but think, if it was the other way around, and it was a black supremacist on stage screaming about “black power” and all that reterick, would anyone try and stop him if he hung himself…. I do not agree with the idiological mindsset of the white supremacist at all, bu the black community that feels the same way about white people are just as guilty and should hang themselves…Everyone in the world has a prejedice bone… some decide to let it rule them… The only man who is above all races or people it the Lord my God… thats all I am going to comment on that…

  29. I can’t believe any of you think this is actually true. For the record, this Cobb guy was arrested just this past weekend. Do you really think that someone could try to hang themselves in front of a live studio audience? I don’t care how many people would want to see this happen… It just wouldn’t, Period. Too many people would be there to stop him. Seriously, just because you read it on the internet.. IT MUST BE TRUE!? smh…

  30. ok, this didnt happen at all. YES he was on that show, NO he did not hang/lynch himself. the dude just got arrested yesterday on terror charges for walking around with his goons with guns threatening people. All you people need to start researching what you read on the internet. This show was months ago. So unless he was walking dead yesterday then shit doesn’t add up.

  31. Can’t be true, they ran this story with a video clip 3 days ago andno mention of a suicide, then a story yesterday about being charged for a threatening offense with a firearm in some remote place like Oregon AFTER the TV show. Now they see he hung himself in front if the audience????

  32. “Racism is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism. It is the notion of ascribing moral, social or political significance to a man’s genetic lineage—the notion that a man’s intellectual and characterological traits are produced and transmitted by his internal body chemistry. Which means, in practice, that a man is to be judged, not by his own character and actions, but by the characters and actions of a collective of ancestors.

    Racism claims that the content of a man’s mind (not his cognitive apparatus, but its content) is inherited; that a man’s convictions, values and character are determined before he is born, by physical factors beyond his control. This is the caveman’s version of the doctrine of innate ideas—or of inherited knowledge—which has been thoroughly refuted by philosophy and science. Racism is a doctrine of, by and for brutes. It is a barnyard or stock-farm version of collectivism, appropriate to a mentality that differentiates between various breeds of animals, but not between animals and men.

    Like every form of determinism, racism invalidates the specific attribute which distinguishes man from all other living species: his rational faculty. Racism negates two aspects of man’s life: reason and choice, or mind and morality, replacing them with chemical predestination.” Ayn Rand

  33. it seems silly to me that in todays world American troops are deployed all around the world; many places where they are fighting wars, marry or bare children with someone native to the land they are battling on or over this would be unexpected! The evolution of races have been occurring as long as travel has been possible and if we should take a look at the dying breeds (or races and find out what went wrong) to see if having a mixed bloodline actually lengthens or shortens a persons lifespan and if it lengthens than is it practical and sustainable in todays world to do so? Though our history is important we could just get with the times already and focus on our future. We really have a lot more than being individually judged on a social basis to be concerned of these days.

  34. The lowest form of humanity? People are so fucking stupid. Blacks were sold to the white man by their own kind. So why hate white because your own realized they could make a dollar. The racisism shit is so old how many years ago was it that slavery took place and let’s just remember it was the white man that set them free. The generations now still pull the racist slavery card which is stupid. Grow the fuck up you now have one as a president and look what he’s done for the country. Nothing good. Get over yourselves. And for Jill Ross. Your pathetic so employ that white supremisist should all hang them selves. What makes u any better of a person to post something as low as that.. fucking discusting. People like u are the reason people like us believe in what we do.

  35. This whole thing makes me feel sick. It could have been a watershed moment for Cobb if it hadn’t been handled so callously. He was in a completely no-win situation.. what was he supposed to do? It was like rooting for the lions against the gladiators. The studio audience that did nothing to stop him was in some ways worse than he was. And Mr. Landry, I’d be glad to take the test. I know a large number of my ancestors, but I certainly wouldn’t care if one or more of them showed sub-Saharan roots. Diversity makes life interesting.

  36. good, dont need him muddy-ing up them there gene pools for the rest of us white folk. jeekers, we could have let him into the next klan meeting and not even know, serves him right for being part something that aint right, cuz boy howdy if we found out he was 1/10th african, we’d a dun him up good. ( oh all you idiots actually “bleeding hearting’ing'” it up is quite hilarious, way to let a satire news story get you riled up, have some fun and roll with it)

  37. A LOAD OF CRAP…here’s the funny azz vid of him on tv, plus the article which talks about a few of his mishaps, & ordeals later…AFTER the show. This man did NOT sit there & hang himself on tv…c’mon ppl…do ya’ll really believe that the audience, & crew, host, et would just sit there & watch as this ridiculous article portrays? No hope for the human race~SMH! http://www.addictinginfo.org/2013/11/11/white-supremacist-is-told-his-dna/

  38. …This guy is still alive… He was arrested a week ago. Do you really think a man would be allowed to kill himself at a show taping and it wouldn’t make any other major news outlets. Or do you seriously believe that an entire audience just sat there and watched. Please do some research people.

  39. Not only did the white man set them free it was their own kind that made them slaves. They were made slaves by their own kings and queens. Learn ur history. I’d be ashamed to be half as well for I don’t believe in mixing. But regardless that man took his life and u assholes laugh about it. He was someone s son father and or grandpa I feel for his family instead of gloating and laughing off the situation. I hope one day u all regret and feel the pain they r all feeling. Now that’s now. And as for the reporter. Dumb bitch!

  40. F u annie mathers. If your going to judge people by their weight u r a nigger too. Reguardless pf the color of your skin. Quit making things about appearance. It should make people question your intelligence. You r no better than miss king. Damned all the glamor whores!

  41. I just wanna say: yes racism is wrong and I dispise it. But if this story is true, it’s very messed up that an entire audience, show crew and host just sat there and did nothing while this man killed himself. How heartless have we become that we can’t even show compassion toward our enimies? I don’t care who you are, if I see some ones life is in danger, I will do my best to save their life. I sure hope this is fake, cause it paints a terrible picture of Americans beyond racism.

  42. I’m going to start this by stating I am in fact a Liberal. But you probably don’t realize the glaring hypocrisy in this story. Racism is wrong, but he had every right to be racist because we live in a free country. All of the online criticism of this man that led to his suicide would be considered bullying if he were a gay teenager. I’m just saying, get off your high horse and realize he was racist because of the environment he was born in and the values he was taught. No life, save for the lives of pedophiles and murders, is worthless and death should not be celebrated and mocked. If you bleeding heart pussies want online bullying to stop maybe you should start by not engaging in it yourself.

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