Who Are The Best Data Analytics Companies

These days, an enterprise without strong data analytics is an enterprise that’s set up to fail. In a technological world ruled by data science and big data, relying on legacy systems and traditional means to analyze large data pools just isn’t enough. Robust analytics are a required element of a successful digital transformation and any organization that wants to stay relevant and competitive needs to get on board.

Data analytics solutions make it easy for your enterprise to collect and store big data from any source, including structured data, unstructured data, real-time data, historical data, and more. Data is one of the most valuable resources that any business has, and with it, you can gather actionable insights into business processes, increase operational efficiency, gather better business intelligence, and even automate complex processes. Of course, you wouldn’t want to entrust the importance of big data analytics to just any company. You’ll want a vendor who you know takes best practices seriously and is highly rated in the field of information technology. Here are some of the best data analytics companies in the United States and beyond.

World Leaders

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If you want to find the best data analytics software for your business, you won’t have to look much further than the technologies of TIBCO Software. They provide streaming analytics software, also known as event stream processing, which allows for the continuous analysis of data pools in motion. In other words, you can analyze data in real-time as soon as it comes in from any source, whether that’s a financial transaction, an IoT device, activity on mobile devices, etc.

The Q2 2021 Forrester Wave Report, compiled by Forrester Research, listed TIBCO as an industry leader in streaming analytics, along with Google, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAS. TIBCO’s analytics solutions were particularly praised for their ease of development and scalability, the two features that the report weighs most. Here are some of the most essential capabilities of an advanced analytics platform that TIBCO provides.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

With TIBCO big data solutions like Spotfire, you’ll be able to go beyond just analyzing data. No matter the complexity of the data you’re working with, Spotfire can convert it into easily understandable visuals such as charts, graphs, and even GeoAnalytics. Basic tasks are automated, thanks to machine learning, and you’ll be able to prepare impressive visuals for stakeholders and other business leaders.

TIBCO also provides purely visual development tools, which means no code is required to integrate solutions with existing systems or develop new capabilities. Of course, experienced programmers can add new code for custom software development if they want, but these systems are easy to use for any experience level.

Predictive Analytics

A great analytics platform goes beyond analyzing raw data to tell you what happened in the past or what’s happening currently. Through a combination of historical data and new data, you can use predictive analytics to produce scenarios for what will happen. An example could be using historical customer data and current purchasing data collected from your CRM system to predict new market trends or customer needs to gain a competitive advantage.

Data Virtualization

Data Virtualization

It’s hard to make the most out of big data analytics if all your systems aren’t fully integrated and sharing master data in a single source of truth. You need the full picture of your company’s data to improve your business outcomes as much as possible. There’s no way you can manually share data between your applications in time for it to be relevant, and even the extract/transform/load (ETL) process is time-consuming.

Fortunately, with TIBCO data virtualization, all of your data can be transformed automatically and shared between your systems. With proper master data analytics like this, the only limit for how much you can grow is your imagination.