Your Ultimate Guide to Creative Logo Placement

Do you want to make your company logo even better?

Establishing your brand’s identity is important to stay relevant in the marketing scene today. Failing to do this will mean other companies will wash over yours, leaving you lost and irrelevant to the public.

It will also make it harder for you to gain a following since customers won’t trust an unfamiliar brand.

Among the key elements for brand recognition is a company’s logo. It helps consumers recognize a brand using only a creative design or a witty slogan. What people don’t know is that logo placement is as important as the logo itself.

Knowing where to place your logos will help you and your marketing strategy succeed. Read on to learn the best place and items to put your company logo on.

1. Social Media Profiles

Most of the Internet’s population spends most of their time on different social media platforms.

They get most of their media consumption on these sites, and they also share their experiences here. Plastering your logo as a banner ad on these websites is a good way to get some attention for your brand.

Different social media platforms call for different logo formats.

Websites crop your logo if the image is too big, and how they will crop it will differ on each platform. Learning the different ways they crop images on certain platforms will be essential to keep your logo from getting cropped.

You can also make your logo small enough to need no cropping. Doing this ensures that your logo will always be whole. This will improve your brand image and recognizability on these websites.

2. Company Website’s Landing Page

Placing your logos on social media platforms will lead to them getting clicks.

When someone clicks on them, it will take that person to your social media profile. It’s a great way to introduce them to your products and services.

It can also take them to your company website’s landing page.

If you’ve set your ads to take them there, then you want to leave a lasting impression on the visitors. Placing your logo here again will help burn your brand into their memories.

When you do this, ensure that your website is in working order. Your landing page must be functional and the website easy to navigate. You don’t want your logo to have an association with bad web design.

3. Smartphone Cases

Since most people have smartphones nowadays, it’s a good idea to place your logos on these items.

People will look for ways to protect their phones, and these cases are enough to do this. Some also pick phone cases out of style and to accessorize.

This means someone will take a phone case with your logo on it, whether it be because of practicality or style.

Using these cases as your advertising medium is effective for two reasons. People always carry their phones with them, and doing this is an excellent way to include your brand in their routine.

It also helps spread awareness of your brand. People who will see your logo on the case will become curious about your company. This will cause them to search for you online, increasing your SEO score.

4. Business Cards

Business cards are always great mediums for logo placement.

You can carry a representation of your company this way, and giving them out is as easy as it can get. Any good business card will also carry your product/services, making for a useful marketing tool.

This is an excellent way to increase local awareness of your brand.

Giving out these cards increases the probability of someone using your product/service. This will start a cascading effect where they recommend you if they like their experience with your brand.

5. Bumper Stickers

If you’re looking to expand your reach beyond the local area, bumper stickers are the way to go.

Doing this is a great way to introduce your brand to new areas. Most people have to drive to different cities to work, and this helps you get a foothold in the areas they travel to.

This is a good idea if you want to expand your brand. Ensuring the future of your brand means you must open more locations. Investing in bumper sticker logos is a good start to letting people in the new area aware of your brand.

6. Retail Packages

Integrating the company logo on your packages and products is essential.

This will define your company and your service. Perfecting the placement on these packages is essential to solidify your identity.

If your products are clothes or anything with zippers on it, avoid placing your logo there. The zipper will break your design and leave it indecipherable.

Consumers will not understand the logo and won’t help you associate your brand with the product.

If your products come with a separate container, ensure that your logo is visible. An obstructed logo will be hard to decipher. This also causes people to not associate your brand with the product.

If your company is like a delivery service, printing your logo on your containers is ideal. Understanding packaging design will help you be effective in placing your logos.

7. Beverage Containers

Putting your logo on beverage containers is a surefire way to spread brand awareness.

Everyone needs a drink during the day. With the different tastes that people have, you have choices on which containers you will use.

You can play it safe and use water bottles to carry your logo. Water is essential, and health-conscious individuals will note your brand.

You can also consider coffee cups as your logo carriers.

Coffee is a staple for most adults as it helps them get through the day. Coffee is also essential for some to get a boost of energy while they work through a graveyard shift.

Your logo on these containers will burn your brand in their minds. Since beverages are essential in a person’s day, you’ll spread awareness in no time.

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