Chris Christie: “The Zebra Union Of Africa Is Very Happy About Cecil The Lion’s Death”

“Manchester, N.H. – After talking about the danger of ISIS, terrorism, and Iran in a New Hampshire foreign policy event, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie reacted to the controversy sweeping the Internet in response to the death of Cecil the lion who was shot and killed in Africa by a trophy hunter. “I have to tell you the truth, these issues are not front burner for me,” he admitted in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News. “The unfortunate murder of Cecil the Lion is not something I’m spending a whole lot of time reading about, thinking about or talking about as a candidate for president of the United States.”

“After learning that the hunter had reportedly donated to Mitt Romney, Christie replied that he was “confident Mitt Romney had nothing to do with” the lion’s death. He admitted he had heard that Jimmy Kimmel had cried about Cecil’s death, but wasn’t interested in seeing the video. “I’m a Tonight Show guy so I wouldn’t have seen the crying, nor have I cried,” he added emphatically.

The New Jersey Governor also spoke to Newslo and stated that he “was told that preparations for a massive celebration are in progress throughout the African continent, hosted by the Zebra Union of Africa.” He also added that, according to what he had learned, the “zebras were celebrating Cecil’s death like there is not tomorrow.”

“I have no idea how the zebras learned that Cecil was gone, maybe they simply noticed his absence,” Christie told Newslo. “Anyway, I was informed that the Zebra Union is planning to organize a concert on the very spot where Cecil was killed, and I also overheard some rumors that they’ve asked several world-famous reggae and r’n’b performers to appear at the show, but that’s just hear-say for now. I think, however, that I also heard that they initially wanted to call Michael Jackson to participate, you know, because of the whole black/white thing. But, they were disappointed to hear he was no longer living.”

The (in)famously sharp-tongued GOP nominee also added that although he “tries not to concern himself” with matters that have little to do with the United States, the celebration and concert “would have been great to see.” “I’ve always loved reggae. It nice to listen to while smoking weed after a bloody steak,” he said.

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