Zimmerman Claims “Anti-White Racism In My Case Led To Trump Getting Elected”

On the fifth anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s death, the man who took his life joined WeSearchr for an interview in which he discussed which news organizations “truthfully” covered the shooting. George Zimmerman, who killed 17-year-old Martin and was ultimately found not guilty on second-degree murder charges, told WeSearchr host Peter Duke, “Fox News was the only one that reported carefully.” Zimmerman added, “I would say Sean Hannity himself was the only person that reported the truth at the time, which was that everyone knew nothing until the trial. And I thank him for that.”

Asked to reflect back on the events that lead to his trial, as well as the aftermath of it, Zimmerman said that “I was charged and put on trial regardless of the fact that every single person in that courtroom knew that there were African-American people killing each other every single day,” he recalled. “Yet, I was the one accused of murder, and it didn’t sit well with me, it didn’t seem fair. I’ve already said on numerous occasions, I’ve explained myself, as well as my actions repeatedly, and still I’m considered a criminal. Well, the way I feel about it all, especially now, in retrospect, is I feel as though prosecuting me was nothing more than a full-throttle display of anti-white racism.”

Zimmerman added, “Fortunately, the jury saw through the masquerade and the puppet show that was put on to make it look like I had targeted Trayvon on purpose, and that was just ludicrous. The whole story ended the way I felt was right, and that was it.” Asked if he noticed any changes in society in the aftermath of the jury’s, according to many, questionable verdict, the former police officer said that the one thing that did “stand out” was the fact that, “from that point on, everybody seemed to be more on edge when it came to the racial component.” “To be quite honest, one should not be surprised by that, but I believe in my heart that the people who saw me as innocent back then reacted in fear of their own future. I think that’s when they decided they didn’t want to fall victim to anti-white racism as well – a social attitude that culminated last year.”

Asked to elaborate, Zimmerman said, “Well, Donald Trump won the presidential election last November. I’m sure millions of Americans have millions of different ways of looking at that, but as for me, I choose to believe that that decision of the American people – the decision that they were fed up with being constantly accused of racism and hatred – manifested itself in voting for Donald Trump as someone who would stop at nothing when it came to re-establishing the United States of America as a the greatest country in the world, and more importantly, as a country that was made great mostly by its white component. White people don’t want anti-white racism any more than black people or any other race of people in this country want other forms of racism. Simply put – it was just the white man’s turn to stand up and not take any more crap from other folks,” the former police officer concluded.